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What can we do?

Moving your business online

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You have a successful business offline and want to try moving it online?

  • We will do everything to make your business work online – from hiring personnel and organizing sales to client acquisition.
  • We have 5 years of experience working with completely different companies in ecommerce.
  • We only use the solutions that work in the real world!
  • Own staff - from developers, marketers to call center.
  • We always track efficiency metrics and optimize your business in general!
  • We know how to create a high quality website that sells, how to organize the IT department, set up sales, do marketing, organize logistics. Our experience saves your time and money!

IT outsourcing

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Do you want to forget about working with programmers?

  • We take all the responsibilities when it comes to IT in your company: website development, integration of automation software.
  • This is less expensive than having your own IT department!
  • We have the best people in the industry!
  • We are ready to solve any problems you might have!


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You want to promote your brand on the web?

  • We take all the responsibilities when it comes to marketing for building your brand.
  • You will receive thousands of orders tomorrow!
  • We know which channels work the best! You won't waste time on something that doesn't work and doesn't attract customers.
  • We offer complete marketing solutions with technologies like contextual advertising, re-targeting, RTB, CPA, social media advertising, effective banner ads, etc.
  • We're motivated by money to increase your revenue.

Full range of services

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  • Analyzing your business and building a solid business-plan to attack the online market
  • Legal services for setting up online-business
  • Developing websites of any complexity
  • Development and support of existing websites
  • Web design
  • Integrated ad campaigns
  • Setting up a call-centre
  • Setting up logistics
  • Searching and hiring personnel

Who are we?

Young and ambitious team – a complete team of professionals. From our own call-centre to technical specialists of the highest level. Our employees participate in the country's largest conferences.

Artyom Knyazev - Co-founder & CTO in Shopozz Corp.
Artyom Knyazev
Co-founder & CTO
6 years in company
Alexey Sturov - Co-founder & CDO in Shopozz Corp.
Alexey Sturov
Co-founder & CDO
6 years in company
Boris Kolesnikov - Co-founder & CEO in Shopozz Corp.
Boris Kolesnikov
Co-founder & CEO
6 years in company
Petr Trofimov - Support Dept. Head in Shopozz Corp.
Petr Trofimov
Support Dept. Head
4 years in company
Alexey Beresnev - Support Dept. Lead Specialist in Shopozz Corp.
Alexey Beresnev
Support Dept. Lead Specialist
3 years in company
Artyom Moisyeev - Support Dept. Specialist in Shopozz Corp.
Artyom Moisyeev
Support Dept. Specialist
2 years in company
Dmitri Repin - Marketing Dept. Specialist in Shopozz Corp.
Dmitri Repin
Marketing Dept. Specialist
3 years in company

What did we accomplish?

Our projects are successful startups that work and generate huge revenue. Moving from offline to online helped increase turnover several times.

Music store


1 offline store in Samara with city-wide delivery


Internet store

Delivery in Russia and CIS

Musical instruments are delivered from USA and Europe

Automatic interactions with the largest supplier of musical instruments in Moscow

Turnover increased 12 times in one year

New store opened in Moscow

Service for foreign shopping


A small warehouse in USA and 100 clients from Russia


All business processes automated, from payment to delivery

New website launched, people can buy online now

Number of visitors increased to 40,000 unique visitors per day

Delivery in CIS

Moved to a new warehouse in USA, warehouse operations automated

Delivery from 4 countries was set up: UK, Germany, China and Japan

Number of clients increased to 170 000

Our offices

  • Las-Vegas
  • Moscow
  • Samara
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